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Monday, October 06, 2008 @2:26 PM


At exactly 6:45 am i would be working on another store location, in another city that I am really not familiar. Life for me has been changing in a good way. But its too sudden that I am overwhelmed again, its like how I felt when I first got here. I think I'll be fine.

Somebody told me "I know you're strong, I saw it when I was with you." - what was that suppose to mean? I really don't know.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007 @5:05 AM

Ive been stucked at home for three days, coz i was not scheduled for work and even if i was scheduled today i just dont feel like goin to work. Maybe its because of the weather that makes me wanna stay at home and do nothing. Well actually i wanna watch movies today with my niece that is if my sister would permit her to go with me.

Since bugs left for school there has been a lot of things that have been happening to me that i never told him and i dont intend to. Since he went back to school everything was different between us, i dont blame him for that. I wanted to be that one person whom he could run to because im his friend. I know that theres a lot of things goin on, on his part too and I dont want to interfere with it. I just let him be. Sometimes i feel like im torturing myself about the situation but i mean i know its for the better.

I got a lot of issues lately with my family especially with my stepdad, but whatever i just ignore it. I mean i am not letting his personality break my spirit. Im on the verge of standing up again on my feet without anybodys help. I have been too dependent with bugs thats why i think i have the every right to be so depress with my life. I have always been that strong person and I still know that I am i just have to get back on track about my priorities including setting my personal emotions aside. Coz mostof the time it is the weakness that i always fell into.

Im still fighting for my existence, but im living with much optimism that everything is gonna be alright and all things will come to its place with its every reason.

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Friday, December 08, 2006 @2:26 PM

nothing in this world would make me happy... but im glad im going back home.. my birthday is coming soon and i hope by then im back home with my mom and dad.. it has been a long stay here,,

i love to be here.. but it also pains me to stay much longer.. ive been here and have to move on, and so long.. and maybe someday ill come back

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Friday, November 03, 2006 @2:00 PM

Alas dos na ng hapon at katatapos ko lang mag tanghalian. Kasama ko si Barbi (cousin ko) at si Kathy (partner nya sa badminton), grabe ang sarap ng tanghalian namin, at libre ka nakakahiya sa nanlibre ahahah. Bibigay ko sana share ko kaya lang ayaw nya eh kaya sha na lang nag bayad, bwahhaha parang ako na naman ang taya nito bukas. Kagagaling lang din namin sa badminton practice namin, nag start kami ng 8am at natapos kami ng almost 1pm akalain mong abutan ako ng ganayang oras tapos wala pa akong agahan nyan.

Andito ako sa cafe at dapat hindi ako dito sa blog ko nag encode kun di sa Microsoft Word, hahahaha.. masyadong busy ang buhay ko at marming pinapagawa sa akin ang mga kasamahan ko, kaya minsan nakaka frustrate ang mga practice drills ko kasi ang dami kong mali pero sabi nga ng mga kasamahan ko na "kaya nga may practice para matuto."

Sa mga oras na to dapat ay natutulog na rin ako at nagpapahinga para may energy pa ako mamaya pag laro ko. Grabe talaga ang practice nito, pero ok lang may mga benefits naman ako na nakukuha. Di ko lang ma tantiya ilang pounds na na bawas sa katabaan ko.. hehehe

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Monday, October 30, 2006 @8:48 PM

i have been so busy nowadays.. For the past week i have to wake up early for my badminton practice. I think its getting serious ehh.. hehe juz kidding, not that serious but i have to be serious in a way that i should improve my game. Yesterday we went to Cagayan de Oro City for the leveling for the JODACA Tournament on November 10 - 12. Arggghhh, unexpectedly i was put to level D and my partner was leveled to Class E. Sigh, unluckily since i was the higher level we were put to play on level D. It's not that im not confident of my game but im a little bit scared. But its ok ill get over this feeling.

I just arrived from practice and i feel so tired i think im goin to rest and till the day i post again :)

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